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It was one of the largest snowfalls this campus has ever seen in one day. A whopping twelve inches of snow and sleet on Sunday, followed by a bit more Monday.

Fortunately, it happened after exams had ended and Commencement had been enjoyed on Friday. And UNCG Facilities Operations, Housing and Residence Life, Police, Emergency Management, Auxiliary Services and other departments maintained important operations and worked to clear the snow so the campus offices can reopen as soon as possible.

On Tuesday afternoon, two member of Facilities with “Bobcat” snowplows cleared drives and sidewalks near the McIver Deck and the School of Music Building. At the same time, Matt Kirkman, UNCG Sports Turf manager, was shoveling snow from the steps and sidewalks of 1100 W. Market Street Building (photo, left.)

Facilities Operations staff – from electricians to housekeepers to locksmiths to grounds – were removing snow, as the temperature and sunshine helped.

“It becomes all hands on deck,” said Grounds assistant director Andy Currin. There was such a volume of ice to deal with. For example, twenty truckloads of snow had been removed from the street and sidewalks on Spring Garden between Tate and Aycock, he said, which he estimated at 400 cubic yards of snow and ice. It was moved to Lot 1, near Wendy’s. That was just a small part of the big job.

Fifty worked Sunday, during the height of the snow. Seventy worked Monday, as temperatures did not rise much above freezing. On Tuesday, 143 in Facilities Operations removed snow.

“I’m extremely grateful for all the work the staff has done in Facilities Ops,” he said, as dusk approached on Tuesday.

Housing and Residence Life removed lots of snow, too, for example in the Spartan Village area. “On Sunday, HRL Facilities and Housekeeping Staff formed small teams to hit a number of locations at once, often finding that new snowfall covered paths that they had cleared, almost as fast as they cleared them,” said Tim Johnson, HRL director. “By around 5 p.m. on Sunday, they had cleared a significant amount of the snow that had fallen, enabling the Bestway Grocery to remain open most of the day.” And laying the groundwork to deal with Monday’s snow.

Several hundred students are currently living on campus.

They were kept warm, kept fed, kept secure.

And due to a lot of hard work, the campus offices will be able to reopen Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Text and photos by Mike Harris



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