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UNCG was recently recognized as a top-performing institution in a report by The Education Trust that investigates black student success at the university level.

Released earlier this month, “A Look at Black Student Success” goes beyond national averages to understand and highlight patterns in student success and identify the top- and bottom-performing institutions.

UNCG is among 18 institutions recognized for success in graduating black students. According to data from 2012-2014, the six-year graduation rate for black students at UNCG is nearly 60 percent – compared to a national average of 45 percent.

“UNC Greensboro is committed to closing the gaps in student success by ensuring that all admitted students have the academic support they need to graduate and pursue their goals,” said Provost Dana Dunn. “We’re proud to be a national leader in this area, and we look forward to continuing our commitment to access and opportunity for all.”

Nationally, the graduation gap between white and black students is 19.3 percentage points. However, at UNCG, black students graduate at a higher rate than their white counterparts.

The report indicates that many black students encounter financial, academic and social challenges that can make the path to degree completion more difficult.

Closing the national completion gap requires addressing inequities within individual institutions, changing enrollment patterns so that selective institutions with higher graduation rates enroll more black students, and improving completion rates at institutions where black students are more likely to attend.

The Education Trust is a national nonprofit advocacy organization that promotes high academic achievement for all students at all levels, particularly for students of color and students from low-income backgrounds. To learn more, visit edtrust.org. To read the full report, click here.

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