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Dianne H.B. Welsh, Hayes Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, director of the Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program and director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Fellows Program, has received a grant from the Coleman Foundation for the Coleman Entrepreneurship Fellows Program for 2016-17.

There are 14 Coleman Veteran Entrepreneurship Fellows across campus who retain the Coleman Entrepreneurship Fellows title in addition to two new recipients this year:

  • J. Scott Young, professor and chair of the Dept. of Counseling and Educational Development, School of Education
  • Megan Delph, Student Success Navigator, School of Health and Human Sciences

Additionally, three Coleman Entrepreneurship Veteran Fellows are named in the grant for this year and will support ongoing cross-campus entrepreneurship projects:

  • Bonnie Canziani, associate professor of sustainable hospitality & tourism (Dept. of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism)
  • Keith Debbage, professor of geography (Dept. of Geography, Dept. of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism)
  • Steve Cramer, business librarian (University Libraries) and associate director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Fellows Program

Noah Reynolds, entrepreneur and adjunct instructor of entrepreneurship, has been named the Coleman Entrepreneur in Residence for 2016-17. This is UNCG’s first Entrepreneur in Residence to work with the academic courses in entrepreneurship across campus and the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) Club.

The Coleman Foundation Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellows Program extends self-employment education across 17 university and college campuses. Fellows engage in the development of courses and leadership of projects in support of entrepreneurship education on their campus, inspiring students in non-business disciplines to gain self-employment skills and experience.

​For more information about the Coleman Entrepreneurship Fellows at UNCG, visit entrepreneurship.uncg.edu ​or contact Welsh at dhwelsh@uncg.edu or 336-256-8507.

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