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On February 5-8, 2019, UNCG will offer training for faculty and staff on CourseLeaf CIM and CAT, a new integrated, web-based curriculum and catalog management system being implemented by the university this spring. CIM, short for Curriculum Inventory Management System, enables the online proposal, review, and approval of new and existing courses while CAT, or Catalog, adds the capability to manage the editing and publishing of the University Catalog to web, mobile, and print platforms. Together, CIM and CAT represent a significant enhancement over existing paper-based processes by providing faculty and staff with a more efficient, accurate, and accessible means of managing the university’s curriculum and catalog.

  • The training will include three types of sessions designed around the needs of the different categories of faculty and staff users of CIM and CAT.
  • CIM End User sessions are intended for faculty who will be authoring and submitting course and program proposals in the new system.
  • Administrators, e.g. departments heads/chairs, associate deans and curriculum committee chairs, who perform an approval role in the curriculum process should attend one of the CIM Appprover sessions to learn how to accomplish their tasks in CIM.
  • Department and college/school staff and faculty who are responsible for updating non-curricular content in the University Catalog should plan on attending one of the CAT Page Owner sessions.

For more information on CourseLeaf CIM and CAT, please visit provost.uncg.edu/courseleaf/

To register for a training session go to the Workshops & Training section of the website or register at https://workshops.uncg.edu/Workshops-By-Category/268.

Those with questions may contact Kristine Sunda, Executive Director of the Integrated Future Team (CourseLeaf Project Director), kmsunda@uncg.edu.

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