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As fall draws to a close, here are highlights of the campus construction projects that are finishing up, underway, or on the horizon for the coming calendar year.

Recently completed/wrapping up:

  • Steam line replacement behind Mossman – You know the one … the project with the long, blue fence.
  • Weatherspoon Art Museum – Upgraded lighting and dimming controls in Falk, Tannenbaum, and Gallery 6.
  • Well-Winfield fire alarm replacement
  • Bryan School Room 137 – Renovation (in the space formerly known as Au Bon Pain)
  • Mossman third-floor suite – Final tweaks to space and furniture are being conducted.
Nursing and Instructional Building progress as of December 2, 2019.


  • Nursing and Instructional Building – Building drywall and most of the brickwork was completed by Thanksgiving. Occupant move-in is anticipated for October 202o, with the building fully open by Spring 2021.
  • Coleman Building Academic Success Center – An existing athletics equipment room is being repurposed into an academic study space for 50 students.
  • School of Dance Coleman – Landscaping is being done in the courtyard outside of the second-floor circulation space.
  • Tennis courts – Final inbounds colors are being added to the recent resurfacing.
  • Spartan Village II retail monument sign – The new sign will be a 4-sided brick and precast retail sign that includes integral lighting, changeable retail plates for up to 13 tenants, and a digital component that is remotely programmable by University Communications.

Upcoming for spring 2020:

  • UNCG Police station plaza – New banners will be installed.
  • Ragsdale-Mendenhall Residence Hall – The building will be fully renovated, prompting the relocation of occupants (see related story).
  • Stone Building Room 142 -The project includes new auditorium seating, handrails, acoustical tiles, ceiling tiles, LED lighting, flat-panel screens, and air distribution devices, along with the removal of the stage.
  • Coleman Athletics weight room – A new mezzanine and support offices will be added, and equipment upgraded.
  • Coleman 139 and 141 – These rooms will be combined to created a new Men’s Basketball team lounge and film review room.
  • Music Building – Brickwork will be done at the Herring Garden water feature and handicap access path.
  • Weatherspoon Art Museum – Sculpture courtyard modifications  will include the removal of Cor-ten steel “wave” planter and trees.
  • UNCG Online office – This project includes the creation of 6-8 additional offices and modification to existing space as needed.
  • Sullivan Science Building – All lighting will be upgraded to LED.
  • Coleman dance studio 221A & B – The floors will be replaced.
  • UNCG Auditorium – The chandelier hoist mechanism will be upgraded.
  • Mossman – The main path of egress will be relocated from Room 241 to 200E, and a new door installed between those rooms.
  • Mossman 275 – A new pantry will be installed, and the flooring and carpet will be upgraded.

Upcoming for summer 2020:

  • Moore-Strong Residence Hall – Full roof replacement
  • Graham Building – Full roof replacement
  • Phillips-Hawkins – Full roof replacement
  • Stone Building – Repair of damaged exterior masonry stairs and landings will take place at northwest entrance.
  • Stirling St./Theta to Bryan Building service drive – The steam distribution system will be replaced.
  • Sullivan Science Building greenhouse – New environmental control systems will be installed to meet temperature, humidity, and sunlight requirements.

Pending for 2020:

  • New Arts Place at Tate & Gate – A new multi-cultural arts venue to include flexible performance space, gallery, instructional and practice rooms, office space, and a retail component.
  • Railroad bridge painting – Railway bridges at Tate St. and Josephine Boyd will get new colors.
  • Steam Plant control system upgrade – A new building automation system means big improvements to efficiency in campus climate control and energy usage.
  • Campus Master Plan update – The project will update the 2014 Master Plan to incorporate the strategic plan, capital plans, recent construction, millennial campus designation, land acquisition, and campus-wise space assessment.
  • Moore Nursing Building – Modernization and reconfiguration of existing space will take place to support general instructional use and academic support.

Compiled by Matthew Bryant

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