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Photo of two men, one is holding building plans

Photo of two men, one is holding building plans UNC Greensboro Facilities Operations is on schedule to complete a safety fencing project along West Gate City Blvd., in mid-October.

The project, which began in early July, will see the installation of safety fencing along the south side of West Gate City Blvd. The fencing will run from the Kaplan Center for Wellness parking lot to Lofts on Lee, providing coverage for all University property along W. Gate City Blvd.

“First and foremost, this project is about safety,” said Anthony Phillips, project manager and UNCG HUB Coordinator. “There’s constant traffic on both sides of the road, and the fencing will make sure students are safe and not trying to cross in the middle of the street.”

The fencing will guide pedestrians to crosswalks and corners where visibility is highest to facilitate safer crossing for students.

In addition to fence installation, some landscaping and sidewalk repaving is are also planned. Periodic lane closures on West Gate City Blvd. can be expected until the project is completed in October.

By Victor Ayala
Photograph by Victor Ayala

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