News Items from UNC Greensboro

020911NewsAndNotes_GagaEvery Wednesday at noon, a Food for Thought session is sponsored by Lloyd International Honors College at the Faculty Center. The campus community is invited to attend.

The lunch is simple, topics are varied, discussion is usually fascinating.

Last week, Dr. Greg Grieve (Religous Studies) explained research he and students have conducted regarding those who meditate online. As he spoke, he showed video of the Second Life “gaming” site, with avatars silently meditating. It made for a very interesting question-and-answer session.

The week before, Dr. Rob Cannon (Biology) spoke on synthetic biology. Before that, Dr. John Salmon (Music) led the discussion “Lady Gaga vs. Beethoven.”

Today (Feb. 9), Dr. Alexandra Schultheis (English) will be joined by Dr. Sandy Hartwiger of the American University of Beirut and UNCG doctoral student Belinda Walzer to lead a discussion on “Talking Internationally about International Human Rights.” LIHC’s Stacey Peoples said, “We hope that students will be particularly interested in his take on the current events in Egypt, Tunisia and the Middle East as well as what it means to talk about international human rights in different national contexts.”

The week after, Dr. Ken Caneva (History) will lead a discussion.

Visual: Dr. Greg Grieve fields questions about his research on cyber-meditating.

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