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As the capstone to her MFA, Amanda Diorio has designed a concert, “Re:Forms,” that fuses jazz, contemporary and hip-hop styles. With a cast of 45 from all walks of life, it also blends the different elements of the North Carolina dance community.

The Dance Department presents the concert at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 19-20, in the Dance Theater.

Tickets – $6 for faculty. staff and students – can be purchased at the UNCG Box Office www.uncg.edu/euc/boxoffice or in the lobby of the Dance Theater beginning an hour before each performance.

Diorio, who emcees the concert, has included a vast range of elements in the concert’s works, some of which have never been seen at the UNCG Dance Theater. The cast of “Generation 231” features students from the dance department’s first hip-hop class and includes a demonstration prior to the piece of techniques the students learned.

“Playing with Hands and Feet” is a dance for three, which reoccurs throughout the concert, each time displaying experimentation with layering and variation of movement.

In order to display Diorio’s experience as both a contemporary and hip-hop dancer, “The Duet” was constructed with one dancer embodying each of the two styles while coexisting in one space. “Hustle and Flow,” a new version of a previous work, involves a fusion of hip-hop and contemporary styles, coupled with a driving beat and fast-paced movement.

Closing the show, “Pulse” is a large ensemble piece. This work serves as an outlet for the dancers to display their individuality through movement and voice clips dubbed over the music

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