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Photo of Will Indermaur posing near the Minerva statue

What does Will Indermaur like to do for fun?

Dance. Dance. And more dance.

“I dance in the grocery store. I dance everywhere,” he said with a laugh.

Having tagged along with his older sisters to their dance classes, Indermaur, a senior who will graduate this December, was drawn to dance at a very young age. However, it wasn’t until high school that he really started to explore his passion.

“I started cheerleading, gymnastics and dance all at the same time,” he said. “I got to UNCG and decided that I wanted to take it more seriously.”

A dance and women’s and gender studies double major, Indermaur is a versatile dancer. While UNCG’s program focuses on modern and contemporary dance, Indermaur is also experienced in jazz and ballet. He’s danced with the Greensboro Ballet and was one of three dancers to perform in the UNCG Opera Theatre’s production of “Amahl and the Night Visitors” in 2014.

“It was my first time performing in a big opera house. It was really cool.”

Indermaur was also a member of the UNCG Cheerleading Squad for three years, serving as captain his junior year.

“Cheering really helped me fall in love with UNCG,” he said. “We didn’t just cheer at games – we did a lot of community outreach as well.”

What are some of his favorite college memories? The list is long. There’s moving into Mendenhall Residence Hall as a freshman, cheering in Santa hats during the annual holiday basketball game and performing in the Department of Dance’s bachelor of fine arts thesis concert last spring.

“UNCG was definitely the perfect fit for me. I’m so glad I came here,” Indermaur said. “My experiences here – the people I’ve met, the faculty I’ve interacted with, the opportunities I’ve been given – they’ve all helped me to become more confident, but also more humble.”

After graduation, Indermaur hopes to continue with dance and explore opportunities in other fields as well. He’s currently applying for positions with cruise lines, Disney and a few local companies, and is considering going back to graduate school a few years down the road.

Indermaur’s dream job is to be a dancer for a professional sports team. While there haven’t been male dancers on those teams before, that doesn’t seem to be holding him back.

“I want to perform. I want to teach dance. And I want to work outside of dance as well,” he said. “That’s the thing about an arts degree – some people think it’s scary because dance isn’t always a full-time career. I think it’s exciting because it leaves the door open to do so many other things.”

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Story by Alyssa Bedrosian, University Relations
Photography by Martin W. Kane, University Relations

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