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UNCG Police Department has announced the passing of retired K9 Dax (2007-2019) on May 1.

After the formation of the department’s K9 Unit in 2007, Dax was the second K9 selected by the department. Dax worked with his K9 handler Sgt. J.B. Smith until 2010. At that time, Dax was medically retired due to health reasons.

Dax had numerous deployments for searches and apprehensions. Most noteworthy, Dax and Sgt. Smith greatly contributed to building the foundation and ultimate success of our UNCG Police’s K9 Unit.

In its announcement of this death, the department finished by stating:

“UNCG PD extends our sincere gratitude to Sgt. Smith and his family for taking great care of him after his retirement.  Rest in Peace Dax – job well done!”

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