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“Deadhead Social Science: You Ain’t Gonna Learn What You Don’t Want to Know,” co-edited by Rebecca G. Adams and Robert Sardiello in 2000, has been released as an e-book and is available on Amazon, the Apple Book Store, and through other e-book vendors. It is also available on library services like Pro-quest and EBSCO. It can also be ordered as print-on-demand.

Adams at UNCG’s 2019 Grateful Dead fan research conference

In 1989, Adams took a UNCG class on tour with the Grateful Dead in 1989, and Sardiello was one of her two graduate assistants that summer, as he earned his master’s degree in sociology. Read more about that scholarly adventure in UNCG Research.

The book includes photographs by Lloyd Wolf and John Rottet, and Dennis McNally, the Grateful Dead’s historian and publicist who wrote the foreword. The back cover of the book includes endorsements by the late Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow, legendary sociologist Howard S. Becker, and infamous author of “Teenage Wasteland” Donna Gaines. Cover art is by The Other Dye (Mark and Mary Missert). Chapter authors include Gary Shank, Eric J. Simon, Shan C. Sutton, Michelle David, Alan Lehman, Jeremy Ritzer, Jennifer A. Hartley, Matthew Sheptoski, and UNCG alumni Robert Freeman, Brent Paterline, and Stephanie Jennings.

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