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062911Headline_TheCafThe Fountain is shut off, indefinitely. Fencing is up. Utility work will soon begin outside the west side of the Dining Hall. It will be done in stages, to ensure access into the Dining Hall at all times.

The Dining Hall remains open, just like always.

“We’ll be serving as many students as in any other summer,” says Scott Milman, director of auxiliary services.

The Dining Hall renovation project’s Phase I will begin in late summer. This project will provide a much better experience for UNCG students, while providing for a large commons area as students enter the renovated building. The glass facade will allow for an impressive view onto the Fountain area and the Quad, particularly from the new second floor exterior balcony.

The renovation will be paid for over time by a portion of the students’ meal plan fees.

The entire project is scheduled to last about 28 months, with some parts completed before others.

Before Phase I work begins, utility work must be completed, Bob Snyder explains. He is facilities maintenance coordinator for campus enterprises. The southern and western parts of the dining hall are in a low-lying area. In the past, a heavy downpour has left vehicles at the loading dock nearly underwater. The underground pipes that provide drainage for that area of campus into Buffalo Creek, currently 24 inches wide, are being replaced with piping 2 1/2 times wider, at 60 inches. Part of that piping will extend under the southwest corner of the new glass facade. Before the foundation is created, the piping must be in place, Snyder says.

The renovation work will begin during the fall semester, says Scott Milman. The “bird cage” – the white structure currently at the west entranceway – will come down at that time.

Ultimately, with an expanded and enhanced west side, the building will have two eateries, a convenience store and a post office area near the entrance. There will also be a large staircase as you enter, taking you to the dining area. Plans for the dining area include 10 stations, with a variety of choices. The current central stairwell, in the hub of the Dining Hall, will be removed.

The main entryway from College Avenue will take you onto the second floor. The current tunnel from College Avenue will be retained, through it will be straightened.

The Dining Hall will remain open during renovation.

By Mike Harris
Visual of Karen Core leaving the Dining Hall. Photograph by Mike Harris.


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