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Photo of interior rendering of domeThe space will feel more like a stadium than a dining hall, Fred Patrick says.

The UNCG Dining Hall is undergoing the third phase of its renovation. Soon a dome will be erected over the second floor, says Patrick, director of Facilities Design & Construction. “They’ll take a portion of the roof off” to do that, he explained.

The volume of the space will be impressive. “You’ll be able to look from one wing into another wing” – a long distance.

Food preparation areas generally under the large dome will include Home Style, International, Breakfast, Salad/Soup and Desserts. And there will be a food theater for demonstration cooking.

“The Mongolian Grill will be enormous,” Patrick says. That will be located in that central area directly under the dome.

The Dining Hall is part of the William E. Moran Commons and Plaza, dedicated last spring in honor of former Chancellor Moran.

Facts provided by Facilities Design & Construction tell the story:

  • The main dining level where the five original wings of the dining hall meet is being cleared of all walls and columns back to the gable ends of the original gambrel roofed wings.
  • An exposed wood roof of glued-laminated heavy timber arches and timber decking will span the nearly 107-foot-diameter central space.
  • Five identical circular wooden arch vaults will be constructed along the axis of each existing dining wing.
  • The crown of the vaults will be 41 feet high.
  • Large radial skylights will bring daylight deep into the center of the building.
  • Theatrical lighting mounted on a catwalk system will enhance the high space above the central grill and dining area.
  • In this new configuration, visitors arriving from College Avenue will be able to ascend the stairs below Spencer Residence Hall and be greeted with a view all the way through the building and out to the newly renovated fountain at the main west entry.

The renovation celebrates the contrast between new and old. For example, the beautiful brick from past decades is complemented by all the new features.

The project will be paid for over time by a portion of meal plan fees. This phase of the renovation should be complete by the end of 2013 – and ready for students, faculty and staff to enjoy in January.

By Mike Harris
Visual of the interior of the Dining Hall is supplied by Facilities Design and Construction, as is the visual of the exterior.

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