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Stigma still surrounds domestic violence. Even those who escape it can feel misunderstood, even re-victimized, by friends, family, law enforcement, the court system and therapists.

“See the Triumph,” a new web site and blog, offers support for those struggling to break free from abusive relationships. The site is the brainchild of UNCG Counseling and Educational Development Associate Professor Christine Murray, and Allison Crowe, assistant professor of counselor education at East Carolina University.

Based on research conducted by Murray and Crowe, survivors share their stories, as well as uplifting messages, through the site. “It really shows the courage it takes to get out, to leave, to end the abuse,” Murray says.

Murray, who also directs the Program to Advance Community Responses to Violence Against Women in UNCG’s Center for Women’s Health and Wellness, and Crowe developed “See the Triumph” as a result of two research studies.

While “See the Triumph” is not an abuse helpline, it does list resources for seeking help.

Access link and see full story at UNCG News.

By Michelle Hines

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