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A major change is in the works at UNCG that will affect every telephone on campus. Beginning Tuesday, May 1, the access number for obtaining an outside campus line is being changed from 9 to the number 8. You will need to dial 8 instead of 9 before making calls to off-campus phone numbers. For the month of May, customers will be able to dial either 8 or 9 to obtain an outside line. Beginning Friday, June 1, you will no longer be able to dial 9 to reach an outside campus line.

Although many phone systems traditionally require callers to dial 9 for an outside line, the practice often results in an accidental call to emergency services due to some callers inadvertently dialing 911 when they mean to dial 9-1 and an area code. Campus police respond to every 911 call, even if the caller hangs up before the call connects.

Wrong numbers require an unnecessary investment of time and resources. Last year alone, there were more than 400 misdials. With this change, Campus Police is anticipating a marked reduction in misdialed 911 calls.

Telephone Services (TSV) reminds everyone on campus with a non-Cisco phone to check their speed dial settings, and make sure they program their phones and fax machines to dial 8 instead of 9 for off-campus calls.

If you have any questions concerning this change, please contact Telephone Services at 4-5937 or telecom@uncg.edu


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