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Photo of meeting in sessionWork towards a collaborative downtown campus steadily continues.

Greensboro has seven colleges and universities … 47,000 college students … 6,376 college employees. Of the seven, UNCG is of course the largest.

Opportunity Greensboro, an initiative of the Greensboro Partnership, has been working on the idea of a campus in downtown Greensboro – a collaborative project that would serve the needs of the educational institutions and the larger community. They’ve seen the success that cities such as Spokane, Washington, have had with such projects. And Greensboro has so much potential for collaboration in this regard.

Ed Kitchen and Ken Mayer gave an update on the initiative at last week’s UNCG Board of Trustees meeting. A feasibility study will soon wrap up, and it appears a site for a downtown campus will be selected in the next 60-90 days.

Brady, who represents UNCG on Opportunity Greensboro, explained that receiving funding at UNCG for capital projects will likely be a challenge for years to come. Collaboration is a way to help UNCG meets its needs. She cited JSNN, with its much-needed facility, as a great example of collaboration. The downtown campus project would take that type of collaboration to the next level, she explained. Many educational institutions would be involved in the collaboration.

An area of concentration will be healthcare professions. A “big idea” will be state-of-the-art medical education and training, including simulation technologies, Kitchen said.

Additional areas of concentration ultimately would include a global opportunities center and continual/distance learning.

Phase I would involve a 105,000 sq. ft. facility with four floors.

By Mike Harris

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