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photo of Audrey Snyder
photo of Audrey Snyder

Dr. Audrey Snyder (School of Nursing – Family and Community Nursing) received new funding from DHHS Health Resources and Services Administration for the project “Transforming Primary Advanced Practice (TPAC): Serving Medically Underserved Communities (MUCs).”

This Nursing Workforce Diversity (NWD) project recruits, prepares ,and retains students from disadvantaged backgrounds, including underrepresented minorities, to be prepared as Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioners (AGPCNPs) to deliver quality health care in medically underserved areas to increase access to primary care. Eliminating health barriers and disparities and increasing access to quality care in medically underserved regions are addressed by academic-practice partnerships, student clinical placement in primary care in medically underserved communities (MUCs), a curriculum that prepares graduates that are informed about social determinants of health, and resources in medically-underserved communities.

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