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Photo of Bridget Johnson

Dr. Bridget Johnson (SERVE Center) received new funding from the NC Department of Public Instruction for the project “Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) Schools Innovative Partnership Grant (IPG) Review.”

The SERVE Center will conduct reviews of the Innovative Partnership Grant (IPG) competition for Cohort II to be conducted in the spring of 2021.  The Spring 2021 IPG competition will be open to any LEA that has at least one Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) School not currently funded by the IPG program. Each school is required to “partner” with an external organization qualified to assist their efforts for school improvement. The grant application will be submitted by the LEA on behalf of each CSI School interested in competing (each CSI School has its own application and is expected to collaborate with the LEA in selecting the external partner and in developing the program model described in the application).

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