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picture of Dr. Cassandra Workman

Dr. Cassandra Workman (Anthropology) received new funding from North Carolina State University for the project “Commercial Partner Engagement for Trash Excluder.”

This research will entail a qualitative assessment of the barriers to and opportunities for gender equity in use of and entrepreneurship potential of the trash excluder. Qualitative methods include interviews, focus group discussions, and participatory methods such as Photovoice or photo elicitation. Researchers will include topics covered in the “Gender Inclusion in New Product Development” guide developed by the Gates Foundation. Quantitative methods will include household demographic survey and assessment of current sanitation systems, including usage and condition. Specifically, researchers are concerned with identifying pathways through which gender equity can be increased along the sanitation value chain and with specific reference to the trash excluder.

Deliverables will include technical reports and academic publication(s). Target journals include practitioner journals and discipline specific journals. All attempts will be made to publish in Ghanaian journals and journals accessible to practitioners in Ghana.

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