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Photo of Dr. Donna NashDr. Donna Nash (Anthropology) received new funding from the National Science Foundation for the project “Colonization or Control: The Wari Settlement of Moquegua, Peru.” The abstract notes, “The proposed project will examine the material markers of imperial control and is the first phase of a larger investigation, which is designed to define the scope of Wari power in the Moquegua drainage, Peru. Working from a known site of Wari control this initial research will serve as a benchmark for subsequent investigations in other parts of the region and will provide the first glimpse of the impact of Wari intrusion on local populations in the region. Through excavation of the site of Las Peñas, which was occupied before and during the period of Wari control investigators, we will chart the important changes that took place in people’s lives as they were incorporated into the empire. The broader goal of the research is to establish a model for identifying political expansion and control. The project will provide training for graduate and undergraduate students (US and Peruvian) and promote international collaborations between US and Peruvian archaeologists. Project participants will also engage in education community outreach at the research site in Peru.”

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