News Items from UNC Greensboro

Dr. George Hancock (SERVE Center) received new funding from Johnston County Schools  for the project “Johnston County Schools – School Comprehensive Needs Assessment for Selma Middle School.”  

This project is a School Comprehensive Needs Assessment for Selma Middle School in Johnston County, NC. There will be a two day on-site visit that will include classroom observations, and meetings with staff, families, and students. At the conclusion of the on-site visit, the lead reviewer will provide a summary report which will outline the strengths and areas for development. The final report will be sent to the principal and the district superintendent, or designee.

Hancock also received new funding from The Capital Encore Project for the project “Comprehensive Needs Assessment for Capitol Encore Academy.”

Purpose of the Project – A systematic assessment of practices, processes and structures within a school (with specific emphasis on the SWD subgroup) to assist school leadership and key stakeholders in determining needs, examining their nature and causes, and setting priorities for future actions. The assessment guides the development of a genuine school improvement plan that is grounded in data and provides a roadmap to future progress. Research supports the fact that schools who undertake a true comprehensive needs assessment make better decisions, resulting in improved outcomes relative to the achievement of their students.

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