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Photo of Dr. Gwendolyn O’NealDr. Gwendolyn O’Neal (Bryan School) has received the 2014 Alumni Award of Distinction from the College of Education and Human Ecology at Ohio State University.

O’Neal is professor and chair of UNCG’s Department of Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies (CARS). She received a PhD in textiles and clothing from Ohio State in 1977.

Their Award of Distinction is presented to alumni who made a difference in the lives of others through outstanding professional, personal or community contributions. A nominator wrote, “She has never been afraid to move the discipline forward, such as addressing the gap in our knowledge of dress and aesthetics among African-Americans, as well as being among the first to employ interpretive research methods.”

The award copy notes that at a time when women of color faced resistance, O’Neal built a brilliant academic career. She was the first African American to be tenured in human ecology at Ohio State. See full story at http://bae.uncg.edu/2014/05/15/uncg-professor-chair-gwendolyn-oneal-receives-alumni-honor/

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