News Items from UNC Greensboro

Portrait of Dr. Jennifer EtnierDr. Jennifer L. Etnier (Kinesiology) received supplemental funding from the National Institute on Aging for the project “The effect of physical activity on cognition relative to APOE genotype (PAAD-II).” Dr. William Dudley, Dr. Laurie Gold, Dr. William Karper, Dr. Jeffrey Labban, and Dr. Christopher Wahlheim are co-principal investigators on the project.

According to the abstract, the project will examine the effects of physical activity on cognitive performance and on neurological and biological mechanisms. It will also explore the moderating role of APOE4. The study incorporates cognitive measures and MRI sequences used in a Phase III clinical trial testing the effects of physical activity on cognition in older adults and is conducted in collaboration with the principal investigator of that trial. This allows researchers to leverage National Institute of Health resources by compiling data across a broad age range.

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