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photo of Edmunds

photo of EdmundsDr. Julie Edmunds (SERVE Center) received new funding from the University of Florida for the project “Evaluation of EQuIPD – Engaging Quality Instruction through Professional Development.” Dr. Robert Henson and Dr. Karla Lewis are co-principal investigators on the project. The project is supported by funds from the U.S. Department of Education.

Engaging Quality Instruction through Professional Development (EQuIPD) is a professional development program designed to produce highly qualified teachers in STEM practices for all children.

EQuIPD merges best practices in teacher professional development, technology education, and workforce development to create an innovative model with two goals: A three-year K-9 teacher professional development program to support teachers in a “train the trainer model” for increased content and pedagogical knowledge using System Thinking as a frame for incorporating technology into STEM inquiry lessons. EQuIPD will provide professional development in a “train the trainer” model which is content focused, incorporates active learning utilizing technology, supports collaboration, models effective practice, and provides ongoing coaching and expert support.

In the first two years of the grant, teachers will be supported with over 240 hours of support, resources, and mentoring. In the third year of the grant, EQuIPD will provide support to districts as they incorporate this program into their existing professional development structure. Throughout this program, teachers will be supported in their work by district personnel, coaches, experts, and by each other as part of a learning cohort. In addition to teacher professional development, EQuIPD will address the STEM Workforce development pipeline in an exploratory study to increase alignment between classroom and industry practices, supporting teachers in acquiring STEM credentials recognized by industry, and providing models for teachers to align industry and classroom STEM practices.

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