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photo of Julie Edmunds
photo of Julie Edmunds

Dr. Julie Edmunds (SERVE Center) received new funding from the US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences for the project “Exploring the Role and Effects of High School Advising on CTE Students’ Transitions to Postsecondary Education and the Workforce.”

This project is a collaboration of four research organizations: SERVE Center at UNC Greensboro, RAND Corporation, the Research Alliance for New York City Schools, and MDRC that are participating in the CTE Research Network. The project consists of three related sub-studies that will inform the development of a conceptual framework around advising for CTE students. These three sub-studies include: 1) an exploratory study using student survey data in NYC that examines whether advising influences student outcomes; 2) a more rigorous causal impact study of a career-focused advising model in North Carolina; and 3) a qualitative exploration of advising and the role that it plays in students’ decisions.

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