News Items from UNC Greensboro

Photo of Dr. Kelly WesterDr. Kelly Wester (Counseling and Educational Development) received new funding from the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration for the project “Enhancing evidence-based clinical internships for 75 master’s-level counselors working with at-risk youth.” UNCG’s Department of Counseling and Educational Development offers CACREP-accredited master’s degree in Counseling. Seventy-five full-time students focusing on the at-risk youth population are anticipated to be eligible for clinical internship funding between 2014-2017, which represents 58-78 percent of our projected graduates over that time frame. At-risk children, adolescents and transitional aged youth are under-served and have high needs in our state and local community. Furthermore, we have a shortage of publicly-funded programs resulting in higher priority to develop a sufficient workforce to meet the needs of this population. We are seeking consideration for funding to support and train master’s-level counselors in their clinical internship and provide training in evidenced-based practices to these students and the primary care staff at their site placements. The internship stipends will assist 75 full-time master’s level counseling students in clinical field placements serving at-risk youth in primary behavioral healthcare settings.

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