News Items from UNC Greensboro

Photo of Dr. Laura GonzalezDr. Laura Gonzalez (Counseling and Educational Development) received new funding from the Winston Salem Foundation for the project “Bilingual Facilitator for Padres Promoviendo Preparation: Latino Parents Learning About College.” Children in immigrant families often are encouraged to seek more educational attainment to pursue “the American dream,” the abstract states. However, Latino youth are often unable to draw information or practical support from their parents when planning for post-secondary education, as their parents have usually not participated directly in the formal US educational system. Post-secondary education of any type for Latino adolescents is a key step in reducing poverty levels for themselves and for their families, thus informed parental support is needed. The Padres Promoviendo Preparacion (PPP) project began in August 2014 with the purpose to provide information and support to Spanish speaking parents so they are better equipped to help their children with college preparation.

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