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Photo of Lucia Mendez

Dr. Lucía I. Méndez (Communication Sciences and Disorders) received new funding from the National Science Foundation for the project: “Bilingualtek: An Integrated Science-Language Instructional Approach for Latino Preschoolers.”

This project addresses the need to minimize differences in science learning opportunities faced by low-income Latino preschoolers through the development and assessment of Bilingualtek (BT). BT is a multimedia-supported, integrated science-language instructional approach focused on engaging science experiences, enriched by three innovative, mutually supporting instructional practices: scaffolded science talk, culturally and linguistically responsive science shared readings, and e-books with multimedia supports for science and dual language learning in the preschool.The project’s long-term objective is to foster academic achievement in Latino DLLs by developing synergetic science-language instructional approaches that build on the cultural and linguistic resources these children bring to their educational experiences in early childhood classrooms. The following objectives will be addressed in the project: 1. Co-design and develop Bilingualtek’s content and components, 2. Co-design training materials to enhance the fidelity of the teachers’ implementation of Bilingualtek, 3. Conduct an intervention study to evaluate all aspects of Bilingualtek including child outcomes when implemented with Latino preschoolers by preschool teachers in preschool classrooms    

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