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Headshot of Dr. Powers Dr. Meredith Powers, assistant professor in the Dept. of Social Work, launched a new, open access book this summer: “Social Work Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability: A Workbook for Global Social Workers and Educators (Vol. 2).”

The international book launch took place at the Social Work and Social Development Joint World Conference in Dublin, Ireland, in July.

The workbook, co-edited by Powers and Dr. Michaela Rinkel of Hawaii Pacific University, is the second in a series of publications exploring the intersection of these two fields and beyond.

Powers explains that the oppression and marginalization of groups are often related to environmental issues – natural disasters, water quality, food access, etc.

“These are timely, urgent issues that we should be working on and addressing as quickly as possible,” she said.

Contributing authors represent a variety of countries and academic and practice backgrounds. With the second volume, Powers and Rinkel made an effort to focus on interdisciplinary work, and to include more indigenous perspectives.

“Working with colleagues from around the world has been incredible – it’s built a sense of solidarity and hope,” Powers said. “Change is being made at the local and international levels.”

The book, which includes exercises at the end of each chapter that can be built into classroom curriculum, is available for free download on the publisher’s website.

By Alyssa Bedrosian
Visual: l-r, Powers, former president of Ireland Mary Robinson and co-editor Michaela Rinkel. 

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