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Photo of Dr. Keane The recipient of the 2018-19 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award will be Dr. Susan P. Keane, professor of psychology.

Since 1983, Keane has mentored 41 doctoral dissertations and 54 masters theses at UNCG, including a recipient of the outstanding dissertation award and the outstanding thesis award. Her graduates have pursued a variety of positions in the academy, in clinics and hospitals, as well as in private practice.

Since 2005, Keane has served as the director of clinical training and is responsible for the well-being of the clinical program and its students. Of the 63 students who have completed this program during Keane’s tenure as director, 62 were successfully matched with an internship on their first attempt, far exceeding the national success rate of 2/3 in some years.

Keane has received $2.8m in training grant funds. These external funds were used to support 51 different students as well as to help begin and sustain Dream Camp, a summer day camp for children on the autism spectrum that also serves as a training site for 8-14 student therapists each summer.

Her mentoring extends beyond students’ time at UNCG, with graduates returning to campus years after they graduate to seek Keane’s advice. Her former students describe her as a personal and professional role model who insists on the highest standards of excellence and who has a gift for helping students explain complex results in a way that patients and their families can understand. They remark that she strikes that perfect balance between offering direct advice and imbuing students with confidence to make their own decisions.

She will receive the award in a ceremony for faculty honorees in April.

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