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Dr. Tom MatyokDr. Tom Matyok (Conflict & Peace Studies) recently attended The Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations Conflict Resolution Workshop at the United States Military Academy, West Point. The workshop brought diplomats, military, and academics together to discuss the theory and practice of ending wars and post-conflict transformation. The workshop was organized to identify lessons learned from the study of the Kosovo conflict in order to study conflict termination today and in the future. Participants included Her Excellency Atifete Jahjaga, President of Republic of Kosovo; Akan Ismaili, Ambassador Republic of Kosovo; Brigadier General Xhavit Gashi, Kosovar Defense Attaché to the United States; Jock Covey, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General for UN Mission to Kosovo; Leonard Hawley, Former deputy Assistant Secretary, Department of State as well as a number of other military and academic leaders engaged in post-conflict planning and peacebuilding.

By Freddie Wilson

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