News Items from UNC Greensboro

Photo of Dr. Tsz-Ki M. TsuiDr. Tsz-Ki M. Tsui (Biology) received additional funding from the NCSU Water Resources Research Institute for the project “Linkages of mercury and methane cycles in Piedmont streams and rivers in North Carolina, and implications for mercury bioaccumulation in food webs.” Methylmercury is a highly toxic compound and can extensively bioaccumulate and biomagnify in aquatic food webs. Methylmercury is produced mainly by anaerobic microbes in the environment, but its processes are poorly characterized. The proposed research will examine the inter-relationships in the production of methane and methylmercury in Piedmont streams in North Carolina. Methanogens have been recently suggested to be the principal methylators of mercury in freshwater environment. This research will be the first study examining the biogeochemical coupling of both processes in stream ecosystems, which represent important water resources in North Carolina and elsewhere.

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