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photo of new directorThe Digital ACT Studio welcomes Dr. Vaughn Stewart as the new director for the 2017-18 academic year. Stewart comes to the Studio from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he earned his PhD in 2016 and taught for nine years in the English department. His scholarship has primarily focused on early print in England – examining the ways that the first English printers (like William Caxton) made print books marketable as the field transitioned from manuscript. His interest in book history, however, extends to the present; he’s conducted original research on student attitudes to e-books, using digital books he’s created for his own literature courses.

Stewart has also worked with multimodal composition for much of his career. As part of the Carolina Digital Literacy Initiative Pilot program at UNC Chapel Hill, Vaughn’s students made movies, infographics, podcasts and brochures. He especially likes to see how a certain story or set of information can move through multiple media formats, and how each format changes both the presentation and the interpretation.

For the coming year, Stewart said he looks forward to crafting some new workshops, collaborating across the campus, and hosting lots of consultations.

Copy courtesy of University Libraries.

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