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photo of Wendy McColskey
photo of Wendy McColskey

Dr. Wendy McColskey (SERVE Center) received new funding from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for the project “Extended Learning and Integrated Student Supports Competitive Grant Program (ELISS 2021-2023).”

The North Carolina General Assembly appropriated up to 15 million dollars from the Federal Coronavirus Response and Relieve Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA) funds for the Extended Learning and Integrated Student Supports Competitive Grant Program to be administered by the Department of Public Instruction [Session Law 2021-3—Section 1.2.(12)]. This Competitive Grant Program will fund grantees to implement programming for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 school years.

According to the legislation, “the purpose of the Program is to fund high-quality, independently validated extended learning and integrated student support service programs for at-risk students whose learning has been negatively affected by COVID-19 impacts.” Furthermore, the legislation states that funded programs “shall raise standards for student academic outcomes.”

The scope of work outlines a proposal from SERVE Center at UNC Greensboro to conduct work for NCDPI related to the above-described Competitive Grant Program. SERVE Center outlines work proposed in two task areas: (1) managing the competitive grant application review process and (2) managing the required grantee reporting processes, including development of reports due to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee.

The SERVE scope of work for this Task includes: 1) Providing NCDPI support and feedback in the development of the 2021 application materials/processes/scoring rubric for the competitive grant process. 2) Conducting the Level I peer-review of applications (after initial screening by NCDPI for completeness). 3) Providing quality reviews of applications in support of NCDPI’s Level II review, as well as, supporting documentation, and/or presentations, as needed, for state-level reporting requirements related to the grant review process.

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