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Portrait of Dr. Edward HellenIn February 2012, the University Libraries and the Office of Research & Economic Development created an Open Access Publishing Support Fund in order to support faculty, EPA employees and graduate students who are becoming increasingly involved in open access publishing. A grant from this fund was recently awarded to Dr. Edward Hellen (Physics and Astronomy) for his article “Noise-Aided Logic in an Electronic Analog of Synthetic Genetic Networks” in PLOS One.

The Open Access Publishing Support Fund primary guidelines for the fund are that the author/applicant must be a member of the full-time faculty, a full-time EPA employee, or an enrolled graduate student; the article must be published in a peer-reviewed open-access journal; reimbursement will be limited to one award per fiscal-year per author; and authors are expected to exhaust all other grant or contract funding sources available to them before applying for support from the Open Access fund. Learn more at uncg.libguides.com/scholarlycom or email beth_bernhardt@uncg.edu.

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