News Items from UNC Greensboro

Dr. Joanne Murphy received a grant award from the Loeb Classical Library Foundation for the project “Death and Palaces: A Detailed Study of Pylian tombs.” Burials and ancestors can have central roles in creating people’s identity and as vehicles for expressions of social competition, the abstract states. “By focusing on 11 tombs near the Bronze Age Greek palace at Pylos, I explore how the Pylians manipulated both their dead and their tombs during the development and later collapse of the palatial economy and hierarchy.”

Additionally, she received a grant award from the Institute for Aegean Prehistory for the project “Testing the Value of Survey Data: A 30-year perspective from Northwestern Kea, Greece.” The abstract notes, “The general underlying assumption of surface archaeology is that the landscape recreated from survey data is an accurate picture of the ancient landscape that informs us about land use, population density, politics, and trade in antiquity. The veracity of the assumption has yet to be tested.” This will be the first project of its type in Greece.

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