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Dr. John W. Woell succeeded Dr. Stacey Peebles this summer as an assistant dean of Lloyd International Honors College. He came to UNCG after serving as a faculty member, department chair, and director of the honors program at Greensboro College. In the Honors College, Woell will teach interdisciplinary courses that integrate resources and readings from philosophy, literature, religious studies, history and art. He received his PhD in religion with a specialization in the philosophy of religion from The Claremont Graduate University. He holds a master’s degree in philosophy also from Claremont and an MA in religion from Vanderbilt University. He did his undergraduate work in Christ College, the honors college of Valparaiso University. Woell grew up in Michigan. After moving through five majors in four years at Valparaiso, he finally settled on majors in theology and the humanities and minored in history. “I knew that I wanted to be a professor, but I had no idea of what,” he says. “I had so many different interests in college that I chose my final major and eventual field of study based upon what courses it would allow me to take in my senior year.” The interdisciplinary honors program in Christ College was partly responsible for this. Woell has continued to advocate for honors education based on that experience. Woell’s courses are largely interactive seminars in which he claims students are asked to do only three things: read, think, and write. Woell’s book, Peirce, James, and a Pragmatic Philosophy of Religion, is due out in April 2012. He has also published articles on ethics and peacemaking and presented papers in epistemology and philosophy of religion. His next project will focus on the philosophical underpinnings of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.

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