News Items from UNC Greensboro

A number of faculty members in the Economics Department participated in the Southern Economic Association annual meetings in Washington, DC, Nov. 19-21.

  • Dora Gicheva presented her papers, “Tax Exemptions for Employer Provided Tuition Assistance and Graduate Education” and “Does the Student-Loan Burden Weigh into the Decision to Start a Family,” and served as a discussant
  • Garth Heutel presented his paper, “Incidence and Environmental Effects of Distortionary Subsidies,” and served as a chair and discussant
  • Stephen Holland presented his paper, “Permit Volatility and Compliance Timing in Cap and Trade Programs,” and served as a discussant
  • Steve Layson presented his paper, “MLB Entry and Exit: The Effects on Incumbent Attendance” (co-authored with Peter Bearse), and chaired a session
  • Dave Ribar presented his paper, “Getting Subsidized Food All Over Your Family” (co-authored with PhD student Jonathan Woodward) and served as a discussant
  • Ken Snowden presented his paper, “Growth, Disruption, and Recovery During the Last Great Housing Crisis: Comparing Building and Loans in New Jersey and North Carolina,” and served as a discussant
  • Chris Swann served as a chair and discussant
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