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Photo of trees, foliage and benching in the Herring Garden

Photo of trees, foliage and benching in the Herring GardenStarting December 3, 2018, UNCG’s ePerformance is live!   

The Human Resources team has been working hard to deliver a performance management program that is fast, easy, and paperless. As ePerformance goes live in the SpartanTalent Suite module, please take note of the following:

What you need to know:

Email notifications will be sent out the day ePerformance goes live.  You are encouraged to log into the system and start on tasks as soon as possible.  If you have already completed the performance plans for your employees on the paper forms, you can simply copy and paste the plan into the online system.

If this is your first time completing the performance plan and you have not gone through the ePerformance training, you can find complete instruction guides on our website HERE.  

The due dates for both SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty performance plans have been extended to January 31, 2018 to allow you additional time to complete the required tasks. The SHRA performance appraisal due date will remain March 31, 2019.  EHRA Non-Faculty performance appraisals are due June 30, 2019.

If you are a supervisor with missing or incorrect employees or an employee with an incorrect supervisor, please submit a ticket via the SpartanTalent Problem Form.  

The Performance Management site contains a wealth of information to help you succeed with this new online module.  Still have questions or need help? Check theFAQs or contact the Human Resources Office at 336-334-5009.

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