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June 21 marked the official start of summer, and a wonderful day for Facilities, who celebrated their employees with recognition of exceptional staff members, an address from Dr. Mike Perko of UNCG’s department of Public Health Education, and a lively barbecue on the lawn followed by a delightful multi-prize raffle. The presentation by Dr. Perko humorously and enjoyably underscored the importance of physical and mental wellness; prompting Facilities staff members to engage with a number of mini exercises that inspired lots of commentary and laughs throughout the audience. The presentation wrapped up with three key takeaway points for audience members: move every day, pay attention to what you eat, and take sleep seriously.

Coordinated with assistance from the office of Sustainability, cookout fare was accompanied by environmentally friendly compostable plates, forks, napkins, and cups. Also coordinated by the Office of Sustainability was the charming multi-prize raffle that featured pickings from among four lovely succulent plants donated by the Tiny Greenhouse, a stack of the iconic UNCG “Bucket List” t-shirts, a host of self-wellness literature, and sporty LimeBike “swag.” In total, more than twenty lucky winners got to bring home the prize of their choice.

Many employees were nominated for their exceptional performance in three categories: customer service, safety, and collaboration and teamwork, with three staff members ultimately being awarded.

The awardees were
Melanie Sawyer – Customer Service
Mike Jumpe – Safety
Richard Ratcliffe – Collaboration/Teamwork 

The informal yet meaningful ceremony was a wonderful display of recognition and gratitude for our Facilities workforce.

By Chanel Stewart, Sustainability Communications

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