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On October 25 & 26, 2021 the Office of Research and Engagement will host our dedicated Academic Analytics customer support team on campus.  The team is coming to UNCG to help us roll out our Discovery Suite – new, broad-access sections of the Academic Analytics platform.  

The Discovery Suite is composed of the Faculty Insight tool and the UNCG Scholars Expertise external discovery site.

Faculty Insight is an integrated, intuitive interface for UNCG faculty combining Academic Analytics data, faculty self-entered data, and integrated institution data. It provides users with a pre-populated profile page, a profile editing tool, an integrated search tool, and targeted funding opportunities. UNCG faculty will be able to use Faculty Insight to showcase their work, and to uncover public and private funding opportunities and potential intra-university collaborators.

The UNCG Scholar Expertise external discovery site is a public-facing website that puts the research portfolio of the entire university front and center for discovery by potential industry, foundation and government partners, prospective students, faculty collaborators, and the media. The external discovery site showcases our high-level institutional – and individual researchers’ – scholarly activity and areas of expertise. Key word or topic searches produce profiles on faculty involved in relevant research, scholarship, and creative activity.

The campus visit agenda includes two “Introduction to Faculty Insight (FI) and External Discovery Site (EDS)” sessions and two FI/EDS questions and trouble shooting sessions, one each on Monday 10/25 and Tuesday 10/26. 

Faculty, staff, and administrators are welcome to attend a session to learn more about these resources.  Register for a session(s) here.

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