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At last year’s Faculty Convocation, Provost Dana Dunn focused her remarks on the changing landscape in higher education.

At this year’s convocation, held Sept. 16, she presented the findings from last spring’s COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey. COACHE is the Collaborate on Academic Careers in Higher Education.

“It’s a climate survey,” she noted. It explains how faculty feel about a wide range of issues, but very seldom provides any insight into why they feel the way they do. Satisfaction with one’s work is the result of two key things: one’s expectations and the workplace conditions they experience. It’s the intersection of the two that determine how satisfied or dissatisfied we are, she explained.

Unfortunately, the COACHE survey doesn’t really get at why we are dissatisfied, she said. “The keys to improvement lie in the realm of the why.”

The findings and the complete survey results are available to faculty at the Provost Office’s web site.

Over half of the faculty completed the survey, she noted. UNCG faculty view tenure policies, tenure clarity, divisional leadership and department quality as areas of strength. The greatest areas of dissatisfaction related to time spent on university service and teaching, personal and family policies, health and retirement benefits, and senior leadership.

She called for a committee to mine the data and identify actionable recommendations for improving faculty satisfaction. Each dean has recommended a faculty member to serve and Faculty Senate will recommend three additional members.

By Mike Harris

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