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091510Headline_ProvostConvocationUNCG will be raising entrance standards for Fall 2011. And the university will look at academic restructuring in the area of health and human development, to leverage UNCG’s strengths and competitiveness and prepare UNCG for the future.

As Chancellor Linda P. Brady spoke at Faculty Convocation Sept. 8 in the EUC Auditorium, these were two areas she addressed.

“I am very concerned about how we will sustain academic quality,” she said, before speaking of more learning communities and a greater residential character; academic restructuring; and raising entrance standards. She said that enhancing students’ academic profile is an important step.

She told the faculty that she welcomed the resolution passed by the Faculty Senate that calls for a strong faculty voice as academic restructuring is considered. The restructuring would position the university for future success, she told the faculty.

After Faculty Senate Chair John Gamble spoke, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor David H. Perrin spoke. He gave a detailed presentation, and then took questions.

In his presentation he acknowledged accomplishments of the past year and the challenges of the coming years, particularly in light of the looming budget uncertainties.

He noted the number of undergraduates is up 3.2 percent.

There are 98 new faculty members – 37 are tenured or tenure-track.

In the past four years, we’ve doubled the number of full professors who are ethnic minorities.

He announced that this year, UNCG will establish awards to recognize excellence in the creative arts.

He presented the rationale for academic restructuring: to position UNCG to respond to emerging disciplines/fields and the changing needs of the state and nation; to create an academic unit that builds on existing strengths in health and human development in HHP, HES and possibly other academic units, departments and/or programs; to strengthen the connection between graduate education and UNCG’s research mission; to enhance administrative efficiencies in preparation for significant budget reductions

He discussed who would be on the committee looking at restucturing, which will be chaired by Dr. Dan Bibeau (HHP) and Dr. Gwen O’Neal (HES). There will also be a facilitator from the Center for Creative Leadership.

He anticipates a recommendation from the committee during the spring semester, for implementation next fall.

The UNCG Strategic Plan goals activitated for this year were presented, as well as new initiatives for student success.

He said that low‐achieving undergraduate students are increasingly attracted to UNCG while interest in UNCG by high‐achieving students has declined. He noted that SAT scores have dropped 19 points since Fall 2005. “Without aggressive intervention, entering classes will continue to decline in academic preparedness.”

He noted that UNCG’s retention rate, four-year graduation rate and six-year graduation rate must rise significantly by 2013, to meet General Administration goals.

After the presentation, he fielded about 10 questions, ranging from upcoming budgets’ impact on staff [“It’s a very challenging environment,” Perrin acknowledged] to the best ways to express ideas and views about restructuring [the committee should address best ways, he explained].

View Provost Perrin’s presentation.

By Mike Harris
Photography by David Wilson

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