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Photo from the front of Jackson LibraryIt’s a great tradition. Faculty achieving promotion and/or tenure are honored at a reception – and they choose one book for the University Libraries’ collection that will be bookplated to commemorate the milestone.

A reception for the honorees was recently hosted by the University Libraries and the Provost’s Office. The honorees were:
Dr. Moses Acquaah, Management
Dr. Aaron S. Allen, Music Studies
Dr. Susan Andreatta, Anthropology
Dr. Mary A. Barret, Music Performance
Dr. Silvia C. Bettez, Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations
Dr. Janet J. Boseovski, Psychology
Dr. Danielle M. Bouchard, Women’s and Gender Studies Program
Dr. Robert Bracey, Music Performance
Dr. James Revell Carr, Music Studies
Dr. Maya Chhetri, Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Patricia B. Crane, Adult Health Nursing
Mr. Michael A. Crumpton, Administration
Dr. Anthony J. Cuda, English
Dr. Sarah C. Daynes, Sociology
Mr. Andrew M. Dunnill, Art
Dr. Richard H. Fabiano, Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Melissa R. Floyd-Pickard, Social Work
Dr. Michael Frierson, Media Studies
Dr. Tara T. Green, African American Studies
Dr. Merlyn A. Griffiths, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism
Martha E. Gustaveson, Adult Health Nursing
Dr. Ellen D. Haskell, Religious Studies
Dr. Ye He, Teacher Education and Higher Education
Ms. Susan Denise Hensley-Hannah, Parent-Child Nursing
Dr. Luba L. Ivanov, Community Practice Nursing
Dr. Ambrose Jones, III, Accounting and Finance
Dr. Spoma Jovanovic, Communication Studies
Ms. Lynda M. Kellam, Reference
Dr. Eileen G. Kohlenberg, Adult Health Nursing
Ms. Mary M. Krautter, Reference
Dr. Nir B. Kshetri, Management
Dr. Esther M. Leerkes, Human Development and Family Studies
Dr. Marianne E. LeGreco, Communication Studies
Dr. Susan A. Letvak, Adult Health Nursing
Dr. Lynne P. Lewallen, Parent-Child Nursing
Dr. Fabian Lopez, Music Performance
Dr. Ayalew A. Lulseged, Accounting and Finance
Ms. Hilary H. McAlhany, Adult Health Nursing
Dr. Thomas G. Matyok, Conflict and Peace Studies
Dr. Sharon Mims, Human Development and Family Studies
Dr. Noelle A. Morrissette, English
Ms. Nida D. Mullins, Adult Health Nursing
Ms. Angela B. Newman, Adult Health Nursing
Dr. Arndt Niebisch, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Dr. Susanne Rinner, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Mr. David R. Roderick, English
Dr. Kailan R. Rubinoff, Music Studies
Dr. Olav Rueppell, Biology
Dr. Linda M. Rupert, History
Dr. Anthony Taylor, Music Performance
Dr. Anita S. Tesh, Adult Health Nursing
Dr. Aaron B. Terranova, Kinesiology
Dr. Joan Titus, Music Studies
Dr. Amy M. Vetter, Teacher Education and Higher Education
Dr. Amy N. Vines, English
Mr. Lee M. Walton, Art
Dr. Jennifer L. Yurchisin, Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies

This article is drawn from the UNCG Libaries post https://library.uncg.edu/info/events_and_awards/recognition/2013_promotion_and_tenure.aspx, where more information may be found.

At that site, click on each person’s name to see the book, a picture and details. Also at the webpage, see honorees from earlier years.

Additionally, stop by Jackson Library and see the large display, with everyone’s picture and book.

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