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UNCG Faculty Senate chair Dr. Patti Sink has announced there will be a special meeting on Feb. 20. Her message to senators stated:

A majority of Faculty Senators requested a special meeting of the Faculty Senate with Chancellor Brady to discuss the upcoming significant budget cuts facing UNCG. The Chancellor agreed to the meeting, and welcomes the opportunity to work with the Faculty Senate to preserve the quality of academic programs at UNCG and fulfill our commitment to the UNCG students, faculty and community amidst the projected budget cuts. The special informational meeting of the Faculty Senate is scheduled as follows:

Date: Thursday, February 20, 2014
Time: 4 to 6 p.m.
Place: Virginia Dare Room of the Alumni House

The special meeting of the Faculty Senate is being convened to accomplish three purposes.

  1. To understand, in additional detail, where the budget cuts are going to be made at the university, including the rationale for cuts to the Academic Programs (AP) and Academic Affairs (AA).
  2. To acquire a delineation of how the various cuts to the Academic Programs will affect the university at large and the individual academic units.
  3. To provide an opportunity for the Faculty Senate to discuss the proposed budget plan, and to discuss amounts of the budget cuts that can be taken from the academic units and still preserve the integrity of our Academic Programs at UNCG.

Specific to the three purposes listed above, possible topics of the meeting include the following.

  • Strategic Planning and Budget Cuts – Fulfilling the Promise
  • Accurate Enrollment Projections – Funding Student Access and Success
  • Projected Percentages of Budget Cuts across Areas of the University
  • Vertical Budget Cuts
  • Applications of the Joint Working Group Employment Analysis Report within Budget-Cut Plans
  • Discussions among Faculty and Administrators: Collaboration & Transparency
  • Budget Cuts and Protecting Academic Integrity and Vitality
  • Enrolling, Retaining and Graduating Students: Academic Advising and Simplifying the Curriculum
  • Successfully Making and Managing the Budget Cuts: A Collaborative Vision of UNCG

The special Faculty Senate meeting is an informational meeting and provides an opportunity for us to offer opinions and ideas associated with solving the budget-cut problems facing the University. Information and clarifications acquired during the meeting may help to shape our future, and help to assure the integrity and vitality of the education and scholarly endeavors throughout our UNCG Community. I hope that you will be able to attend the special informational meeting of the Faculty Senate.

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