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The campus has seen some large academic building construction projects in the past 15 years, such as the Education Building, the Moore HRA Building and the Sullivan Science Building. A new, big one will soon be quite evident.

A two-part construction project is underway that will result in a new chiller plant and five-story Nursing & Instructional Building. These projects will become very visible as the new year begins. An update on each of these projects:

Chiller Plant

A South Chiller Plant will be constructed beginning this January, and the construction will continue until summer 2019. The plant will complement the one already on the north side of campus (part of the McIver Deck). The south Chiller Plant will provide capacity for the future Nursing & Instructional Building and enhance reliability of the entire campus’ chilled water system. The new plant will help feed chilled water to mechanical units on campus through underground lines, increasing capacity as the amount of campus space that needs to be cooled has increased in recent years.

  • In early January, much of the parking lot that is the future site of the South Chiller Plant – at the corner of Oakland and Forest – will be closed. Additionally, there will be a temporary “construction office” in a small parking area on the other side of Forest Street, between the Oakland Deck and the pedestrian underpass.
  • Those in nearby buildings, such as the Moore HRA Building, will likely hear some construction-vehicle-associated noise while this plant is being constructed. Construction begins in February and continues to May 2019.
  • Also, those needing to access the fuel pumps for UNCG cars will use a different way to get to the fuel pumps. They will enter from Oakland Ave., once the fencing is put up.

McIver demolition and Nursing & Instructional Building construction

A new Nursing and Instructional Building, the result of a 2016 Connect NC bond passage, will rise where McIver Building currently stands. The project officially starts in February, but the campus community will see some work in the weeks before then.

  • In the second week of January, a construction fence will surround the McIver area – but there will be openings for several weeks to provide access for pedestrian pathways. Starting Feb. 4, these pedestrian access routes will be closed. No one will be in McIver Building by that point aside from construction personnel.
  • A gate will span Walker Ave. near McIver Building and will be closed in early February. Also, a gate will span Administration Drive and will be closed in early February. Parking on College Ave.’s east side will close for the duration of the project. A stretch of College Ave. will change to two way traffic, allowing drivers to drop visitors off at Foust Building, then turn around and leave via Spring Garden.
  • The construction office site will be the former site of The Corner (and more recently a Yogurt shop) on Tate St. and the space beside it.
  • Abatement of materials in McIver Building will occur in February and March.
  • In April or May 2018, the building will start to come down. It will be quiet during examtime, says the Facilities representatives.
  • Dozens of departments have been involved in the planning, Facilities notes. Facilities has been in conversations with deans, department heads and some faculty in the nearby buildings in the past year, learning and communicating. For example, Facilities has learned about the need to be as quiet as possible during performances in nearby building.

There will be some construction noise for two years. There will be construction vehicles for two years on Tate and part of Spring Garden. But the result – a much-needed new instructional building for our students and all the people they will impact in their careers – will be well worth the temporary inconveniences..

Forum this Thursday: Come hear a presentation about this project Thursday, Nov. 30 (Reading Day). The forum will be held 11 a.m. and again at 2 p.m. in the Education Building, Room 114. There’ll be time for you to ask questions and meet the team members for this project. The forum, with an introduction by Associate Vice Chancellor Jorge Quintal, is hosted by UNCG Facilities Design and Construction.

By Mike Harris
Visual: rendering of the new Nursing and Instructional Building

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