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Today (Aug. 31) Lloyd International Honors College will resume its Food for Thought series for 2011-12. This year’s series will continue with the tradition of offering an informal opportunity for discussion among faculty, staff, and students. Faculty and administrators from throughout the university have been invited to lead discussions on topics of interest to them from the rise of the online university to experiential learning, from food policy to city planning. Our discussion leaders have experiences working on campus and in far-away places—from Greensboro to Bhutan.

This is a great opportunity to get involved with your campus and your world. Come discover what people are thinking about all across campus as we engage in lively conversation. Students from the Honors College participate actively, the exchanges are interesting, and the food is tasty. The setting is casual, but the discussions may be no less deep or intense for it.

  • Aug. 31 – Dr. John Sopper (Undergraduate Studies) leads “BRAVE NEW CAMPUS” discussion. Free open source course ware, digital libraries and museums, ebooks, Youtube.edu.com, second life, online instructional coaching, for-profit degree programs, internet enabled personal learning networks and Facebook learning communities: Is the mobile, online, Do-it-Yourself-University Movement helping or harming education?
  • Sept. 7 – Dr. Marianne LeGreco (Communication Studies) co-leader of the Academic Think Tank on Food Policy, will lead the discussion.

Food for Thought takes place in the Faculty Center from noon to 1 p.m. every Wednesday. Lunch is provided by the Honors College. Questions? Email jwwoell@uncg.edu

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