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Campus maps
These printable maps will help you navigate UNCG’s picturesque, 200+ acre campus. The maps show campus landmarks arranged by numeric and alphabetical order to help you locate your chosen destination.

The Experts List
UNCG offers a wealth of expertise for journalists needing facts and professional perspectives. Representing a broad range of interests, the university’s Experts List provides access to more than 100 professors, researchers and other university leaders who serve as reliable resources on topics that impact our daily lives.

Visitors may park at parking meters or in parking decks on a space available basis. The time limits on campus meters range from 30 minutes to two hours at a cost of 25 cents per 15 minutes. Visitors on campus for an extended time may want to park in one of the three parking decks on campus. All three decks are $1 per hour or partial hour; $6 daily maximum per entry.

UNCG administration
Learn more about the chancellor, the professionals who lead the various academic units and departments that make up the university.

About UNCG
A snapshot of the university’s past, student demographics, and an outline of UNCG’s mission and purpose.

UNCG Board of Trustees
This 13-member board serves as an advisor to the chancellor and UNC Board of Governors and helps establish university policy in key areas.

UNCG public calendar
A listing of concerts, lectures, sporting events and other university activities open to the public.

UNCG University directory
Find UNCG people in the online phone book.

Wireless Internet is available throughout the UNCG campus, including in all campus buildings and open spaces. Access to the secured network (UNCG-FacultyStaffStudent) is restricted to members of the UNCG community. Campus guests can access the unsecured network (UNCG-wireless) at no charge.

UNCG Social Media
Connect with us on Twitter or visit our page on Facebook.

University Communications Public Image Gallery
Find university stock photography in the Public Image Gallery which is maintained by University Communications.

University Communications staff
The office of University Communications is open from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, staff members are available to assist you at any time.

UNCG Athletics Media Relations


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