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Want to speak with an N.C. Retirement Systems representative? Hear a faculty member give a helpful breakdown of financial lingo? Learn from a staff nutritionist about better eating habits? These are all offered during the first half of the fall 2011 semester. The first is Sept 13.

HRS has offered Wachovia at Work as well as Financial & Life Planning [FLP] programs in the past. The HRS program has been renamed the Life Planning [LP] program.

With Wachovia, the emphasis was financial. Now the emphasis is broader: financial, elder, investment, wellness, etc.

They offer programs geared for all employees.

Fall semester is fully scheduled. The spring semester programs are being scheduled now. Those who may have suggestions for programs or workshops may contact Gwenne R. Causey (HRS).

All session will last one hour programs, sometime near lunch time. All will be in 113 Bryan (the HRS Training Room).

The presenters that are from off-campus, Causey notes, are nonprofits, professional organizations or highly recommended for-profits. “All for-profits are notified that, ‘Due to state university restrictions, actual selling of goods and services on-site is prohibited.'” She adds that any employee is allowed to approach a vendor and schedule a follow-up meeting on their own time, if they want.

The listing of sessions, where you sign up if you wish, can be found at this site.

Information provided by Gwenne R. Causey, Professional Development Coordinator, HRS

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