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FTLC Fall 2014 Flipped Course Cohort is forming now. Want to learn to flip your course? Join us for this cohort-based mini-course on flipped instruction. The course will be delivered through a blended learning format, combining three face-to-face sessions, two segments of flipped content and online discussion, and two one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced flipper Kim Kappler Hewitt (ELC, FTLC Fellow for Online Learning 2014-2015). Applications requested by Wednesday, May 30, 2014. Apply here.

FTLC New Faculty Mentoring Program is actively accepting applications for the 2014-15 academic year. Mentoring offers many benefits to faculty members in the early stages of their careers, including a personal mentor outside the department and a small peer group of new faculty. A time commitment of three hours per month is involved (1½ hours with the group and 1-1½ hours with a mentor). All beginning faculty in their first three years at UNCG are eligible to apply to participate. Fall orientation for this group will be Thursday, Aug. 14, 4-7 p.m. Contact James Benshoff (CED FTLC Fellow for Tenure Track Mentoring) or Susan Phillips (CSD, FTLC New Faculty Mentoring Fellow) for more information. Registration.

FTLC TeMALe Large Lecture Class Pedagogies. Join us for this cohort-based group to learn a new pedagogical method to implement in your fall or spring course. The purpose of this group is to teach faculty new pedagogical approaches to large lecture classrooms, and to provide instructional support during the semester as well as a peer group of mentors, and an iPad mini and an Apple TV for classroom use for those who commit to using and documenting results in courses. TeMALe instruction will be delivered through four face-to-face sessions, in-class observations per instructor request, and one on one coaching to create engaging question reserves. For more research on the technique developed by Ian Beatty (PHY) and Bill Gerace (PHY), go here for more information. Email FTLC@uncg.edu to sign up.

New Faculty Orientation is scheduled for the afternoon and evening of Monday, Aug. 11, and the morning of Tuesday, Aug.12.

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